Study at HITSZ

·Application Procedures

Submit documents to the Admission Office by mail.

·Supporting Documents
A: For Chinese language programs
1. HITSZ International Student Application Form( download
2. Photocopy of your Identification Certificate
3. Three passport photos

B: For degree programs
1. HITSZ International Student Application Form( download
2. Highest degree (notarized photocopy)
3. Academic transcripts (notarized photocopy)
4. Study Plan (800 words)
5. Three recommendation letters (for graduate programs only)
6. Photocopy of your Identification Certificate
7. Three passport photos
8. HITSZ Scholarship Application Form (if apply, download)

·Payment of Application fee
Account Information
Account name: Harbin Institute of Technology Shenzhen Graduate School
Bank name: Ping An Bank, Shenzhen, China
Account number: 0142100327638
Application fee RMB 350 (US$55)

·Application Time
For spring semester: September 15th – December 15th
For fall semester: March 15th – June 15th
Notes: Bachelor and Master degree programs only start in fall semester

Study Duration
Fall semester: September - January
Spring semester: March - July

Enrollment Requirement
1. Applicants must be non-Chinese nationals with good health and excellent academic record.
2. Applicants for undergraduate studies must be under the age of 30, and for graduate studies
must be under the age of 35.
3. Applicants who apply for Chinese taught programs should hold HSK Certificate (level 4 or above)
or pass a Chinese language test by HITSZ. Those with BA in Chinese Language will enjoy waiver of
the Chinese language requirement.
4. Applicants for English taught programs should provide proof of their English Language competence
with minimum TOFEL score 550 or IELTS score 5.5 or pass an English test arranged by HITSZ.

Tuition Fee Schedule


Tuition Fees












Chinese Language



Chinese Language



Chinese Language
(Short-term, tailored)

2,800/3 weeks/person

450/3 weeks/person








The Shenzhen Universiade International Scholarship
HITSZ Scholarship for Outstanding Students
Student housing is available on campus by reservation.

Single Room (two beds)

RMB 800 /Month (US$150/room/month)

Student Visa
X1 Visa is for student who intends to study in China over 180 days
X2 Visa is for student whose length of study in China is under 180 days

Family Visa
S Visa is for family members of international students who study in China. If you wish to bring family members
with you to HITSZ during your study, you need to consider not only the financial implications but also your ccommodation,
childcare, and schooling needs.

You will need to obtain the consent of the School, and shall be prepared to provide evidence of financial support and
certification of relationships before coming to China. For further visa information, please contact us at:

Under the law of China, international students whose length of study is over 1 semester in China must have “appropriate
medical and accidental insurance for the duration of their study”. China Pingan Insurance Company provides comprehensive
insurance plans for foreign students studying in China. The insurance plan costs RMB 300 / half year or RMB 600 / year.
Students are responsible for their insurance coverage. Students with CSC Full-scholarship enjoy the medical insurance fee
Resident Permit

1. Passport
2. Admission Notice & JW202/201 Form
3. Ten blue-backgrounds colored photos of two inches (taken in Shenzhen)
4. Photo Receipt issued by designated photo studio in Shenzhen
5. For family members: A. family members’ passports; B. legal documents that prove their spousal or parent-child relationship
(Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate which need to be certified by Chinese Embassy or Consulate in your country)


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